Monday, June 4, 2012

Pina Colada Fruit Dip

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I'm pretty.

It's actually embarrassing how easy this dip is to make.

I haven't written a new blog post in a week, and yet here I am, just waltzing in with a cavalier attitude and this recipe.


You can't even call it a recipe, really.

It's more like just two or three food items, that are in no way good for you, that you stir together in less than four minutes and serve.

But it's good.  Dang good.

There's something about dipping a food that is good for you into a food that's really bad for you that makes you feel like everything cancels out into net zero calories.  I like that feeling.

I brought this pina colada fruit dip to a BBQ at my BFF's house.  Seeing as I called it a pina colada fruit dip, I thought adding rum to it at the end would be a good, possibly great, idea (almost un-me-like to not), but then I remembered that my BFF is pregnant (side note: I am extremely excited about this!!!!), and decided against it.  So, now I am left to wonder what might have been - if you try it out, let me know.  The other optional ingredient is cream cheese, which apparently some people can take or leave (who knew?).  As it turns out, my BFF is not a cream cheese fan either (some BFF I am!), and so she wasn't into this dip anyways.  The Hubby...alas, is also not a 'cream cheese in fruit dip' fan.

In closing, the people who are fans of cream cheese and pina colada flavour mixing together into an awesome fluffy concoction were fans of this dip, and I was one of them.  If you're not into cream cheese, you could simply omit it.

Let me know what you think!!  What is your favourite thing to dip fruit into?   

Pina Colada Fruit Dip
This is what I'm talking about.

250 mL 'Bacardi Mixers' frozen pina colada non-alcoholic drink mix, thawed
8 oz. brick cream cheese (optional), at room temperature
500 mL tub Cool Whip
Shredded coconut, for garnish
Assorted sliced fruit

Using an electric mixer, in a medium bowl whiz together the Bacardi pina colada mix with the cream cheese until there aren't any lumps (if you're not a cream cheese fan, then skip this step and leave the cream cheese out).

I'm going to lick those.
Gently fold the Cool Whip into the pina colada mixture.

Spoon into a serving dish, and maybe even sprinkle with some grated coconut on top (I just thought of that!!).  Chill for at least one hour, and serve with assorted sliced fruit.

The Hubby's Review:  Could have done without the cream cheese. (I disagree!)

Recipe Source:  Me, myself and I!!

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